· Define the change initiative.( Hold regular culture days in cafeteria,

the change initiative.( Hold
regular culture days in cafeteria, food will be from the various cultures celebrated, monthly
, every Fridays, on hospital budget, each department plays a role in VA
Southern Arizona Healthcare System).
• Where does the initiative “live” in the
organization (i.e., in a particular department)?
• Who will be touched by the change? In other words,
who are your stakeholders?
• What is the scope of the change? Consider:
o budgetary impact,
o employee/human capacity impact,
o timing of the (phases of) change, and
o who is responsible for planning, implementing,
leading and overseeing the change?
• Describe the team that is necessary to actualize
this change. Include:
o the type of team (think back to last week’s content),
o necessary team member roles,
o and the blend of leadership and followership
necessary for success.
• As you complete your plan, consider the change
through the lens of the Guidelines for
Ethical Action:
o Is the plan consistent with your Organization’s
Mission and Core Values?
o Does the plan respect the rights of individuals and
groups affected by it? How so, or
why not?
o Does the plan meet the standards of fairness and
o Would you wish others to behave in the same way if
the plan affected you? Why or
why not?
Your paper should be 3-5 pages long and address all
questions in the prompt in essay format, not bullet
points or Q&A format. It must be free of grammatical, spelling, and
punctuation errors. You must use at least five
recent scholarly or professional sources to support your work. Your sources