As a mid-level manager within Company X, you have been given the task of establi

As a mid-level manager within Company X, you have been given the task of
establishing a formal code of ethics for administrators for the department you
lead. Several of the employees within your department have expressed reluctance
about this change initiative. A number of them have been with the company for
many years and have seen several change efforts fail, and they don’t see value
in this one. In a situation like this, it can open up the doors for resistance
to change in several ways. Some people like the status quo, because many
changes that they’ve been affected by have failed. Also, when there’s a change
that comes without stakeholder feedback, there’s often little buy-in. There may
be a control or fear factor in the minds of some, in thinking about how this
change could have an impact them. All of these things—and probably many more—are
reasons why people can resist change and may be especially true in this case.
Think about how aspects of this scenario have been present in your own
professional career, personal experiences, community involvement, etc. In your reflection
paper it will be important to justify your recommendations with real-world
● Conduct research on organizational
change to support the conclusions you will be making in your paper. You will
need to include at least three academic references for this assessment.
● In particular, before developing
your change plan based on Kotter’s 8-Step Process, leadership suggests that you
review the following article (and the related articles shown on the page) to
broaden your knowledge in the area of codes of ethics for administrators:
● Go to the UMPI library at Consider what you learned
about and conduct your own research on:
○ Implementing change
○ Overcoming
resistance to change
Step TWO: Write an APA

Based on the scenario provided in Step 1, above, write a six page APA paper that applies Kotter’s model to accomplish the
organizational change initiative of a formal code of ethics for administrators
for your department. Imagine that your paper will be going to company
leadership, so you will need to provide complete coverage for all actions, but briefly
and concisely.

Be sure to describe what actions you would take in each of
the eight steps of Kotter’s model.

Include at least three particular strategies to overcome
resistance to change.