Discussion Question/Prompt A key component in doing anything new is changing the

Discussion Question/Prompt
A key component in doing anything new is changing the old behavior/attitude/belief so that the change can take effect. According to Kurt Lewin, you must unfreeze before you can begin to change. The unfreezing in itself is a change that allows you to be open to further change. Once you have unfrozen, you are able to transform, then by refreezing, you internalize the change.
If you picture this as an ice cube, the process becomes clear, before you can make a square ice cube into a different shape you must first allow it to thaw, to get used to the idea of change.
Identify a change effort that you were a part of or that you witnessed.
Provide a brief overview of the intended change and the outcome.
Using one of the change theories in the book or one that you have researched, analyze the change effort that you presented.
What went well?
What didn’t go well?
What would you have done differently if you had been in a leadership position?
Responses need to address all components of the question, demonstrate critical thinking and analysis, and include peer reviewed journal evidence to support the student’s position.
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.
Hitt, M.A., Colella, A., Miller, C. & Triana, M. (2018). Organizational behavior. (5th ed.). Wiley Publishing.
Read – Chapter 14
Review – Pages 435-466
Read at least two of the following articles:
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