Each student will submit a research paper on either a piece of legislation, an e

Each student will submit a research paper on either a piece of legislation, an executive order, or aTexas Supreme Court case, enacted or decided since 2000, by the Texas state government. Thetool of policy that you choose must be active, meaning that it is a law that has been passed and iscurrently enforced, it is an executive order that has not been rescinded, or it is a Supreme Courtcase that has been decided and not overturned.Students will use this paper to analyze the example of governmental power/action of their choiceby explaining the action to the best of their understanding and then putting the issue in context ofthe broader scope of government. Ask a few questions:What does this action say about the power of the branch? How does it affect the power of the branch, as given by the Constitution? How does this action affect the relationship between the acting branch and the otherbranches? How did this affect citizens and residents of the United States?Use these questions as a basis for your paper but expand on these ideas from there. The analysis isbased on data and facts, not suppositions. Challenge yourself to present statistics or scholarlyevidence to back up your analysis. You must draw a conclusion and justify your position.Paper Guidelines: Minimum 1,000 words in the body of the paper (does not include cover page or references) Minimum of 5 academic sources, included at the end of the paper in a works cited page andcited in the paper using in-text citations Paper must conform to the APA style format Paper must be typed and submitted via assignment in Blackboard