FILM: “BLADE RUNNER” Please see examples prior to submission. Five citations are

Please see examples prior to submission.
Five citations are due for this assignments. All must be scholarly sources.
Please consider seeking help with the SPC Learning Resource center and accessing course resources for citation help.
You have two options with this assignment. Submit it like the examples (links above)–5 scholarly sources OR submit the 5 scholarly sources in the Working Bibliography Template.
Working Bibliography Assignment
Drop Box
50 points
Assignment Directions:
**While this assignment requires five academic sources, you will only be required to have three scholarly sources for your essay.
Create a Working Bibliography by listing a minimum of five possible research resources you could use within your Research Essay on Classic Film.
At least ONE research resource must come from an SPC Library Online Database.
Use correct MLA formatting.
Arrange your list of resources in alphabetical order.
Title the page, Working Bibliography
It is acceptable if later you decide to change or to add to this list.
Submit this assignment in the Drop Box as a Word document (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) file.
Do not include the following, as they are not considered appropriate research resources for this assignment:
Your film – as it is the primary source on which you are basing your research
Sites such as Spark Notes or Shmoop.
Any dot com or dot net source
Any non-academic dot org source
No newspapers, magazines, or online critic sites
No student blogs (even from a dot edu source)