For this Reflective Journal, FIRST watch the Frontline Film

For this Reflective Journal, FIRST watch the Frontline Film . It is recommended that you read the assignment questions before you watch the film, and that you take notes while watching the assigned
After watching the film, you must then answer the questions listed below.
In order to earn full credit, you must answer all portions of each question fully (40 points). Students will also be graded on their application of proper grammar, correct spelling, and punctuation. Your assignment should be double spaced, and uploaded as a word document (.doc or .docx).
Discuss the case involving Ernie Lopez. Include a review of the incident involving the infant, Isis Vas, as told by Ernie Lopez, as well as an initial review of the autopsy report written by Dr. Joni McClain, including the autopsy findings as reported by Dr. McClain. Also include a discussion of the outcome of Ernie Lopez’s initial criminal trial.
According to the film, why are some of the most difficult cases to investigate those that involve young children? In other terms, what are some of the challenges that child autopsy cases pose?
In the film Dr. Thogmartin discusses the reversal he did in two separate child death cases handled by his predecessor. Discuss what these reversals involved and why Dr. Thogmartin believes they needed to be reversed.
The film discusses changes that were recently made in Canada involving child death cases. What are these requirements? Does the United States adhere to these standards? Were you surprised to learn about some of the differences between the US and Canada in investigating child death cases?
The film reviews several other child death cases recently prosecuted, including cases involving Monea Tyson, Melonie Ware, and Louise Woodward. Choose ONE of these cases, and provide the details of the case, information about the initial investigation, and the final outcome of the criminal case (or the most recent update surrounding the case).
After watching this film, discuss Shaken Baby Sydrome, and why this type of diagnosis is now being called into question by some medical experts.
Review the history of Veronica Vas, the mother of Isis Vas. Do you believe this information is important in the case involving Ernie Lopez? Why or why not?
Discuss the findings of Dr. LaPosata, specifically what other diseases can mimic child abuse.