-heres the link for the video. Some criminologists -heres the link for the video.
Some criminologists go as far as suggesting that the
source of all criminal violations-even those that
seem at first glance unplanned and spontaneous,
such as vandalizing property or getting involved in a
brawl-rests upon at least some sort of rational
decision making with a clear motivation: greed,
revenge, need, anger, lust, jealousy, thrill-seeking, or
vanity. But the final decision to commit a crime is
only made after the likely offender carefully weighs
the potential benefits and consequences of their
planned action and decides that the benefits of crime
are greater than its consequences. (Siegel, 2020)
Watch the application video, and respond to the
following, using a minimum of 200 words.
1) Can the actions of Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow be
considered calculated and shrewd or random and
senseless? Discuss the rational motivation that
suggest they were intentional in their plan to murder
her children and his ex-wife.
2) Did the potential benefits outweigh the
consequences for this couple? (In other words, did
they get away with the crime.)