Identify and describe three (3) quality improvement (QI) issues/problems you cou

Identify and describe three (3) quality improvement (QI) issues/problems you could improve within the clinical area.
Identify three (3) quality improvement issues that you (as the nurse manager) would improve. You CANNOT choose staffing as one of the issues. Use the unit management assessment data (from Part 1), your time spent on the unit, patient observations, interviews/discussions with staff and/or other management support, or existing unit QI data.
Reveal your thoughts about the problems. Prioritize the three (3) problems and include rationale for your prioritization. Your rationale may be related to the importance of the change, the feasibility of the change, or the relevance to a common nursing issue. Also, mention any of your identified problems that may not be feasible to address and why.
Designate the highest priority problem. Analyze the problem and utilize evidence-based literature to backup up the significance of this issue.
Utilize the literature to discover what others have done or could do to solve this problem. Is this a common problem in nursing? Is this a problem specific to the population of patients you serve? Why is this problem significant? Summarize briefly the main points of what you have learned from your review of the literature and then link your findings specifically to the problem you have chosen.