it is time to demonstrate your knowledge of literary lenses by writing a critica

it is time to demonstrate your knowledge of literary lenses by writing a critical analysis essay. Your essay will be 1000-1500 words using two critical lenses to analyze how the concept of resilience is addressed in Hamlet.
You will be guided through the essay writing process. You will be submitting your essay outline for feedback and incorporating the feedback you receive before proceeding to write your essay.
Considering: Study note: Cite as you write using MLA
Before engaging with the guided writing process that follows, be sure to review the Citing Sources content on the course home page. You can also review the same information regarding the MLA citation style in the following document entitled MLA Citation Guide
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Instructions: Your teacher will assess your work using the following rubric. Before submitting your assessment, review the rubric to ensure that you are meeting the success criteria to the best of your ability.
Knowledge & Understanding
* demonstrates understanding of the writing prompt
* demonstrates knowledge of literary lenses
* when applying literary lenses, selects relevant evidence from the play
* includes insights that are logical and significant
* demonstrates understanding of appropriate essay structure
* Thinking
* Expectations:
* writes an insightful, explicit thesis that demonstrated depth of understanding
* includes insights about resilience as a theme in the play
* formulates complex and compelling ideas that are relevant and significant to the critical analysis
* provides direct quotations from the play and any research sources that are relevant and supportive
* demonstrates a willingness to revise work based on feedback
* Communication
* Expectations:
* writes clearly and concisely
* demonstrates a strong command of the English language
* uses a clear third person voice for an academic audience
* avoids colloquialisms and contractions
* organizes ideas logically and concisely
* adheres to the conventions of grammar, sentence structure and spelling
* Application
* Expectations:
* follows the critical analysis essay structure
* formats and cites all quotations using MLA style
* creates and accurate Works Cited page using MLA style
* uses the writing process clearly with evidence of feedback and revisions
Step 1: Prewriting stage
In the next few steps, you will develop an outline for your critical analysis essay. You will then submit your outline to your teacher for feedback.
You should not proceed with writing your essay until you receive and incorporate your teacher’s feedback.
Choose your lenses
Now, choose the two lenses that you feel most comfortable applying to Hamlet. Use this chart entitled “Literary lenses chart” to help you make your decision. Press “Literary lenses chart”( see it in added files ) to access the chart.
Filling out the chart will help you decide which two literary lenses will reveal the most insights about resilience in the play. The details you add to the chart will also make creating your essay outline much easier.You will be submitting your chart along with your essay at the end of the writing process.
Study note
Use the completed chart as a starting point for your thinking.
Consult the “Questions asked under each literary lens” document to see if certain questions provide more insights than others. Keep in mind that not all questions may apply to all parts of the play. Press Questions asked under each literary lens(Opens in a new window)” to access the document .
Do some research.
Ask yourself which lenses you are most confident about.
Remember that you are applying the lenses in order to write about resilience. However, you are not limited only to focusing on Hamlet, you can include different characters in your analysis to support your arguments. You can choose a different character or broaden your focus of characters or zero in on specific sections of the play.