Please make sure to utilize evidence from your reading in your answers below. Fo

Please make sure to utilize evidence from your reading in your answers below. For most graduate assignments, think about at least five pages or more to adequately answer the assignment. In addition, please provide supporting evidence for what you say. Please remember to have a properly formatted APA title page—we are now using the newest edition and you can use the Student Paper formatting. You do not have to have an abstract page, but you do have to have properly formatted in-text citations and a Reference page with formatted references.
All assignments unless otherwise noted must be in essay format, double-spaced, and in Times New Roman Font. Please do not use contractions in formal writing assignments. Please answer every one of the questions. Please allow enough time to submit assignment. The assignment automatically cuts off at time and you will not be able to upload after that. Please allow at least 20 minutes for upload.
Discuss the connection between large cities, overpopulation and their effect on the environment.
Discuss the cycle of how poverty precipitates AIDS and AIDS spreads poverty. Make sure to address this on each of the levels of social work practice.
Go to to calculate your ecological footprint. (Should be free–make sure to use whichever one is free) How many earths do you need to sustain your life? What is your total ecological footprint? How do you fare compared to the rest of the United States? How do you feel about your consumption versus someone in a South country, like India? So, utilizing alternative energy, how could you decrease your own ecological footprint and your effect on the environment? Then, what are some suggestions for a plan could you have for sustainability for the world?