Please refer to the document file I have attached, and complete the writing acco

Please refer to the document file I have attached, and complete the writing according to the format and the information and content written on the document.
please don’t plagiarize.
In addition, I have provided several sources, if you want to use the sources, you can just use the tedtalk data. But if you don’t need to use the source you can. And please use your own words, don’t search for other information on the Internet.
Topic: The best way to motivate employees is/ is not through financial incentives (Persuasive Essay)
write a short persuasive essay (about 700 – 800 words) that includes 2 body paragraphs (in other words, a 4-paragraph essay).
An introduction that engages the reader, acknowledges that there are opponents to the idea and has a clear thesis statement.
• At least one of the two paragraphs must begin with an opposition argument that is refuted, rebutted, and taken apart through your supporting details and logic.
• Use one or more of the Ted talks to support your arguments. Keep any additional research to a minimum. Your arguments and support should be largely based on your own ideas and opinions, but present them in an academic way (3rd person POV)
• Use the 3rd person (no I, we, or you) unless you are presenting a personal example
• Make sure you have proper APA formatting and that you put quotes around words that are not yours followed by in-text citations and that even when you paraphrase you use in-text citations.
• Have a conclusion that matches your introduction and ends with your strong denial of the opposite point of view and a strong affirmation of your own viewpoint.
• Have a proper APA reference page, even if you only have one Ted Talk reference.
ted talk video:
ted talk video: