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Question 1: Why Is Mental Health Important?
Mental health is the main determinant of how we take care of ourselves. It determines how we respond to stress, maintain a routine, and it influences the choices we make throughout the day. It is important to have a solid grasp on your mental health to aid in maintenance and handle any potential obstacle with a clear mind. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many support systems that are adequately informed to properly aid those with mental disorders. Despite mental health being so important, the rise of stigma and discrimination continues to hinder any substantial progress towards the integration of mental health services. One of the main reasons for the lack of any medical professional that specializes in mental health is caused by public image. A recent study interviewed medical students in Colombia, Saudi Arabia, and Romania regarding medical careers. Roughly eighty percent of group two and fifty percent of group three had a negative viewpoint on mental health medical professions (Public Health and Social Justice, 180). The reason for these viewpoints wasn’t due to the amount of work or entry requirements for the field, they were for the potential destruction of public image. Most of the students believed that if they “[expressed] interest in psychiatry, he or she risks being…seen by others as odd, peculiar, or neurotic” (Public Health and Social Justice, 180). Although this reasoning seems ridiculous, to them it is valid reasoning to avoid working in the psychiatric field. One main way to prioritize mental health would be to educate medical professionals in identifying and sympathizing with their patients. Identification is very important and perhaps the hardest part of diagnosing. Everyone responds to trauma and stress very differently. It varies from little to no reaction or a very emotional response. This also goes hand in hand with patience. A lot of patients aren’t very open with their mental health status simply because of the stigma surrounding it. Nobody wants to believe that there’s something wrong with them, so it may take some time to comfortably open up. I think it is possible to promote and prevent mental disorders. I think it will be much harder to prevent mental disorders, but I think with proper promotion this can be reduced. Someone with a mental disorder would feel much more comfortable seeking help if it were more “normalized”. Normalized in this context refers to the acknowledgment of mental disorders and receiving help.
Many people still fail to understand the difference between mental health and mental illness. Mental health is how we deal with our emotions, how we behave , how we feel, and how we act because of the way we are going through all of these emotions and feelings. Mental illness, on the other hand, is diagnosed mental conditions that affect our mood, thinking, and behavior. Mental health is important because it affects our emotional, psychological, and sometimes even physical health. Mental health is something that people fail to understand. Many people still don’t know how to deal with daily life’s stress and anxiety, and sometimes unknown emotions which can be overwhelming to an extent. I think by really learning the tricks and how to maintain a positive mindset as well as to really be in charge and not neglect our emotions and how we feel can be a positive step in bettering our mental health. Mental health is the most neglected aspect of health because many people think that it’s just stress or it’s just anxiety and it’ll go away and since it’s not something that’s not diagnosed people don’t think it’s a big deal. Many people don’t know the main difference between mental health and illness, which Is why I started off with a definition of both of them. I think what needs to be done to really prioritize mental health is to really teach people what it is and how it’s different from mental illness. I think by having community classes and community lessons on this topic could be a great start on really getting more educated on the topic. I think sometimes negative mental health can lead to mental illness, such as diagnosed depression and anxiety. I think by really promoting mental health and how we can better our Mental Health, we can prevent many mental health disorders. Many people take alternative pathways in order to heal themselves mentally such as alcohol and drugs and many more. However many people don’t know how to naturally elevate and fix their mood, feel what they’re feeling and choose how to act a certain way. Mental health is an important topic not only as teenagers, but also as adults and growing older, when we are faced with more responsibilities and more problems. By starting now to learn more about it, we can be doing our future self a great favor.