Response Essay Due: 8:59 a.m. on June 23, 2022 on Canvas as Word File. Chopin’

Response Essay
Due: 8:59 a.m. on June 23, 2022 on Canvas as Word File.
Chopin’s The Storm
Only Word document will be accepted. Any other forms of submission will NOT be graded.
Please describe your response by answering all questions below. All questions should be answered in the same chronological order as they appear. Please do
not include any sub-titles and questions in the body of your final essay.
Relevance of Title: Do you think the short story – The Storm, is titled appropriately. Explain if you think the title appropriately matches the tone and content of this short story?
Characterization –Who do you think is the main protagonist of The Storm? Explain your reasons clearly. Explain if the characters in this short story evolve and impact the plot as the story progresses? Name each character who has a name in this literary work.
Economic, Social, Historical & Cultural: Clearly describe the economic, cultural and social elements portrayed in The Storm, and how these elements impact the plot and characters in this short story (The Storm). Explain and specify your response based on the content of this short story.
Theme & Comparative Analysis: Compare or contrast the theme conveyed in The Storm with any one or more reading selections that you have read about this semester in this course and which are included on the syllabus.
Ending- The Storm ends with an ironic twist. Do you agree that it was a satisfactory ending? Explain if you would have liked The Storm to end differently?
Using inappropriate language, racial slurs, or disrespectful language will lead to a failing grade.
Please explain your answers clearly with appropriate examples from the above- mentioned literary work. Please do not quote long passages from the text. ‘Yes’ and ‘no’ answers without any explanation/foundation will not earn any grade.
Instructions for successful completion of this assignment:
This essay should be your own original work.
Use first- person voice only because you are stating your response.
Remember this paper is requiring you to state your ORIGINAL response only.
Please do not quote long passages from your text.
DO NOT include any secondary sources (scholarly or non-scholarly).
Do not include any images (pictures, diagrams, portraits or images of any kind).
You must include a well-developed introduction, coherent body paragraphs and conclusion.
Your submission should not exceed SIX double-spaced typed pages.
Your submission should not be less than FOUR complete double-spaced typed pages.
Please include only standard English language. Do not use any slang or jargon in your writing.
Writing should be free from any and all grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.
Your essay should be double-spaced using MLA format on standard 8/12 X 11 inch
white paper only – 12-point font – TIMES NEW ROMAN. Only Word document will be accepted. Any other forms of submission will NOT be graded.
Any disrespectful mention of political parties, political leaders (past or present) religion, race, gender, and/or class will lead to automatic disqualification and failing grade on this assignment.
Please consult writing rubric (see below).
Your final essay cannot include the same or similar content as your Response Essay, Journal Entry, any of the assigned discussion boards, final presentation & webinar. Any similarity with any of these assignments will lead to a failing grade on this assignment.
Late papers will not be accepted.
Formal Paper Grading Rubric
If you meet these first three standards, you are writing competently and you will earn a grade of
“C.” (70-79)
Presentation and Design
_____Uses appropriate Standard English grammar, punctuation, and usage.
_____Necessary documentation is present and correct.
_____Meets the assignment’s requirements for length and/or format.
_____Follows the directions for the topic of the assignment.
_____Contains a center of gravity, a unifying and controlling purpose, a thesis or claim, which is maintained
throughout the paper.
_____Organizes writing around a thesis or according to the organizational requirements of the particular
_____Develops appropriate, logical and relevant supporting details and/or evidence.
_____Includes more specific, concrete evidence (or details) than just opinion or abstract, general
If you meet all of the competency standards above, and in addition, achieve coherence and exhibit audience awareness, you are writing skillfully and you will earn a grade of “B.” (80-89)
_____Uses words and sentences, rhythm and phrasing, variations and transitions, concreteness and
specificity to reveal and emphasize the relationship between evidence and thesis.
_____Explains how, why, or in what way evidence/details supports the point/claim/thesis/topic/ideas.
Audience Awareness
_____Demonstrates a sense that the writer knows what s/he’s doing and is addressing real people.
_____Reflects a respect for the values that influence ethos (e.g., common ground, trustworthiness, careful
If you meet all of the competency standards, achieve coherence and exhibit audience awareness, and, in addition, demonstrate a mastery of one or more features of superior writing, you are writing distinctively and you will earn a grade of “A.” (90-100)
_____Your writing stands out because of one or more of the following characteristics: complexity,
originality, seamless coherence, extraordinary control, sophistication in thought, recognizable voice,
compelling purpose, imagination, insight, thoroughness, and/or depth.
If your paper does not meet competency standards, either because you have minor problems in all three competence areas (1-3 above) or major problems in one or two competence areas, you will earn a grade of “D” (60-69) or “F” (<60), and you should schedule a conference with me. *Taken from University of Georgia.