Subject Project management methodolody The assignment ~ Component A, will asses

Project management methodolody
The assignment ~
A, will assess learning outcomes LO1,
LO2 and LO3.
This task will require the student to write
a 3,000-word report for
an organization of his/her choice and:
the current project methods and find their weakness
the implementation of a specific agile
or hybrid
project management methodology as an alternative using the material
we deliver during weeks 1-10.
i need a re-write of this report. the required format below was given in the class.
A typical business report is organized in
the following way:
→ Title
Page (student number, title of the report, word count.)
→ Contents
page (with page numbers.)
→ Executive
summary. (This is no more than 200 words – which summarizes the content of the
report. It must be comprehensible to someone who has not read the rest of the
→ Introduction.
(introducing the organizational context and the project organization they are
doing now. Assumptions due to lack of information about the company should be
→ Main
Body. (A review of advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and risks for the
organization if the methodology is adopted.)
→ Work
undertaken (Describe very briefly a plan of the changes that would need to be
undertaken for the organization to transform into an agile one – brief, half to
one page max – you may use a Gantt chart or a simple task list if you wish).
→ Conclusions.
(A summary statement providing the arguments discussed above why you think the
organization should adopt the methodology – no more than one page.)
→ Reference
list (no less than 6, no upper limit.)
→ Annex
and appendices (not mandatory.)