Topic: PTSD in adolescent females Assessment-20 pts 1. You will make up you

Topic: PTSD in adolescent females
Assessment-20 pts
1. You will make up your own demographics of a client: How old are they? Culture? Race? Ethnicity? Disabilities? Etc.
2. Describe a description of a client with the identified concern. (PTSD in adolescent females is your identified concern) Include intake information: REMEMBER: you will make up your own demographics of your clients. (3-4 paragraphs)
Review of Literature/Plan Methodology-25 pts
3. Choose one intervention that is used to treat adolescent females with PTSD.
4. Provide three evidence- based references and justify the choice of intervention, based on the literature and consideration of special circumstances of the client: cultural considerations, developmental disabilities, literacy issues, etc.
5. Using the chosen intervention plan, form your own plan to put the intervention in place
6. Describe, in detail, how the intervention is implemented. How often will the client be seen, and in what setting? Will other professionals be involved? Are special materials or equipment needed?
7. What theory or theories are connected to this intervention.
Evaluation-15 pts
1. Describe methods of evaluation regarding the effectiveness of the intervention. Recommendations for evaluation may be difficult to find in the literature review. If so, design and discuss possible ways to evaluate the intervention.
2. Analyze chosen intervention. Discuss potential problems or barriers to evaluation.
How effective was the intervention? Did it have the expected outcome?
Could something have been done differently to enhance the effectiveness of the intervention?
3. Synthesize and summarize entire client picture from assessment to evaluation.
Each section should be labeled as it is above: Assessment, Review of Literature/Plan methodology, Evaluation
APA format
Times New Roman