A 5 – 7 page research paper is required on a topic of your choice subject to my

A 5 – 7 page research paper is required on a topic of your choice subject to my approval. The paper shall be based on a subject that involves a topic regarding Juvenile Justice. Current events regarding Juvenile Justice.
Here are some topics that you can pick
Juveniles and the death penalty
Juveniles being waived into the criminal justice system for/against/changes to propose
Gang life and how to address it
Juvenile dependency issues and crime
Family issues and juvenile crime
Poverty rates and Juvenile Delinquency
Breakdown of available government services to assist youth once in the system
Impact of particular initiatives (GREAT, DARE, etc.) on youth delinquency rates and recidivism
History of the Juvenile Justice system
Educational deficiencies in our communities and the impact on delinquency rates
Borders are to be 1” maximum. Times New Roman will be the font set at size 12, double spaced.
A maximum of two pictures, charts, etc. can be inserted into the paper. Additional photographs may be included but they will not count toward the 5 – 7 page requirement.
A resource page shall be submitted using APA format. At least 5 resources shall be used. Research should be conducted with references other than the text. For further information on the APA style, see the information posted at the following link: APA OWL Resource Link .
The cover page, outline and the resource page do not count toward the 5 – 7 page requirements.
Paper shall not have a Safe Assign score over 25%.