Identify 2–3 theories that serve as the basis of strategies, practices, or techn

Identify 2–3 theories that serve as the basis of strategies, practices, or techniques that are designed to support the instructional needs of students. Search for and read a total of six peer-reviewed research journal articles that either test those theories or examine some aspect of those theories. You will find that many of these theories are the basis of models currently used in various learning settings. Analyze these theories and determine how they translate into instructional models that support the needs of learners and are used in discipline-specific content. In your analysis, determine what instructional model may be a direct outcome of your chosen theory.
Complete your analysis of each article using the following questions to guide your analysis of each article. This is not a short answer assignment, but rather a response that summarizes the key points of an article.
What theories provide a basis for a model that supports student learning?
What are the strengths and/or limitations of this model?
What evidence within the literature supports the effectiveness of this model?
How does this model support diverse learners?
How does this model support discipline-specific content?
What varying settings can this model be applied to?
Additional Requirements
APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA style and formatting.
Length: Each article analysis should be 2 pages in length for a total of 12 pages.