Proposal: I would like to submit this proposal as a selected topic for the fina

I would like to submit this proposal as a selected
topic for the final research paper in FES 3807. I chose this topic for a
variety of reasons, most of which are personal and very relatable to anybody
wishing to pursue a career in the field of emergency management. I will
be touching upon the two sides of a disaster: the first responder and the
victim. An operation, especially as a first responder, induces an exorbitant
amount of stress, pressure, and ownership of the situation. Mental health is
often placed lower on the priority risk, which often will bottleneck with other
emotions and create an uninhabitable environment within the first responder,
who is now less effective to render aid and a possible threat to themselves or
others with documented long-lasting mental health impacts.
On the other side of the spectrum comes the misplaced or
victim of a disaster. The social or physiological influences that would cloud
mental health are survivor’s guilt, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety,
depression, and/or dependence on a mood-altering substance. All these disorders
are inter-connected and without proper education, care, and focus could disrupt
recovery efforts long-term with lasting effects that could reach for
I believe mental health is an incredibly important
topic and is often overlooked due to the current stigma of “maning up” or
“dealing with it” for the sake of not becoming a burden to anybody else.
This research paper should be divided into the following sections:
Analysis Section
Recommendations Section
The research paper must be a minimum of five pages long using 12-Point Times New Roman and double spaced. The five-page minimum does not include the reference section. The reference section will use APA style and citation guidelines. Students are required to use as reference material at least three peer reviewed journal articles and readings assigned by the professor over the length of this course.