The purpose of this assignment is to gain an understand of poverty, and how it m

The purpose of this assignment is to gain an understand of poverty, and how it may impact society, culture, families, and student learning. The educator must understand the impacts of poverty on student learning in order to assist and support students of poverty with resources and instructional methods that will build self-efficacy and self-sufficiency.
Instructions/Rubric Criteria for the Ruby Payne Book Paper:
Write a 4-5 page book review paper using APA format. The paper should include:
APA Title Page – See APA Template provided in Session 1.
A brief summary of Ruby Payne’s book and what the author hoped to convey. (20 points)
Describe the impact of race, culture (especially language and/or religion), class, and geographic region in the life history and educational experience and its impact on our society and or educational system. (50 points)
Personal Reflection
Discuss what was learned/gleaned from the text information.
Discuss how poverty impacts student learning, brain development, etc.
Describe similarities and differences between your cultural experience and the research in Ruby Payne’s book where you personally can or cannot connect and how the book impacts you as an educator. (50 points)
Your personal assessment/critique of Ruby Payne’s book and how the book strengthens your multicultural competence. (20 points)
Reference page
Proper APA and grammatical format must be followed for the writing and when citing/using sources/references. (10 points)