Use “Memo Template” DOCX to write. 1. You will select a tool or technology that

Use “Memo Template” DOCX to write.
1. You will select a tool or technology that you would like to research and review for a hypothetical organization. Select a tool or technology that is robust enough to sustain the Technical Report Project. After you have identified your tool, you will provide the following in a memo (between 250 and 300 words) to your instructor. PLEASE USE “MEMO TEMPLATE” DOCX
The tool or technology
Your hypothetical organization
Your hypothetical organization’s field and/or goals
You need to name the new tool, name the hypothetical organization [made up or a real company] you will represent, and come up with some of your organization’s goals and how your organization could benefit or not from this new technology.
You should come up with a job you have with the company, such as Head of Research, which is why you will be writing this white paper for your company, and will research at least 6 sources to bolster your argument of whether or not to recommend this new technology to your company.
Note: You do not own the company, nor are you with the company that is developing the technology. However, the company you represent, and are doing the research for, can be a real company, such as Boeing or Airbus or Amazon or a small company you are already familiar with. Your company could be a restaurant or a retail store, any company that might benefit from this new technology.
This will need to be a technology that is new and in development.
EX) Memorandum
To: ENGL 221 Class
From: Jane Doe
Subject: Select a Tool/Technology
Date: 21/04/2022
New technology
Augmented reality (AR) as a training platform could be the answer for the military and large organizations to train employees to perform technical tasks.
AR combines digital information with the real world to enhance traditional learning. On screen digital objects are positioned over a live camera display of the physical world, and users interact with the digital objects. This enhanced program for learning offers traditional learning with supplemental information for better comprehension.
Hypothetical Organization
As a head of research for the Bramley Aircraft Corporation, an American aircraft manufacturer, I will investigate the usefulness and possibilities of augmented reality for training new employees for aircraft maintenance at our company.
Hypothetical organization’s field and goals
The Bramley Aircraft Corporation values safety, efficiency, and productivity. In addition, Bramley values its employees and might see these innovative ideas and advances in technology as a way to attract and retain employees of the highest caliber.
2. Make a new DOCX to submit, your Technical Report for both an instructor review and peer review. It should:
Be at least 500 words.
Utilize Tebeaux and Dragga’s “Formal Report” format.
Utilize information from three (3) appropriate and properly cited sources using current APA formatting.
Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not add punctuation or special characters. Use this format for all assignments in this course.