Use of proper APA writing style (This means all submission must adhere to the re

Use of proper APA writing style (This means all submission must adhere to the required in text citations and a reference list for all submissions 25%).
Case study in text citations account for 8 %
Current articles (at least 6) account for 12% (see page 4 of syllabus) These must be used in your submission
Reference list accounts for 5 %
Total 25%
Personal conclusion to the case (This section is important and indicates your understanding of the topic and what you have documented).
General Conclusion ( Restate the important points you documented in the prior paragraphs with in text citations)
Your recommendations in subtopics 1-4 should include practical rationale. After all you are operating in the role of a consultant, hence you are interpreting the issue from the perspective of an independent party. Keep in mind that your recommendations may not be viewed as a mere theoretical approach, but must also integrate application.
The United States economy similar to other world economies is experiencing higher costs of borrowing after the Federal Reserve’s increase in the Federal Funds interest rate. This has intrun increase the cot of borrowing for consumers and businesses.
The objective of the rate increase is to curtail the rate of inflation and slow spending.
Research a recent event for a company of choice to raise capital.
1. Initail Public Offering IPO) by one company ( this is a private company going public and raising Capital through Equity financing).
2. Research a recent ( can be 3 years) Bond sale by a Company (This is raising Capital through debt financing)
Submit a 7 page double spaced 12 point paper analyzing the company’s experience using the two forms of raising capital.
Your first section should document the IPO and the second section should document the Sale of Bonds
Include the following subtopics:
Company Background
Industry Segment and Business Risks
Main Products Manufactured or Distributed
Financial Performance ( Analyze the company’s strength for the last three years using financial ratios used in this course.
Document how the company compares with others in the industry.
Personal conclusion to your research findings and their relation to course topics.