1. Research paper should be 1200 to 1500 words long (Times New Roman, 12-pt, do

1. Research paper should be 1200 to 1500 words long (Times New Roman, 12-pt, double spaced, 1″ margins).
2. You should have at least 4 outside sources to support your points. These sources should provide facts, examples, statistics, or expert opinions.
3. At least 2 of your sources should come from a GNTC database (such as Galileo or Issues and Controversies) or a Google Scholar search.
4. All sources should be unbiased and reputable. Look for articles from mainstream media outlets or universities. Most acceptable sources will have authors attributed to them. Do not use random web pages that list the “Pros and Cons” of whatever or similar vague information. Wikipedia is NEVER an acceptable source!
5. If you use background information from a reputable online encyclopedia or dictionary, that’s fine. But it should not count as one of your 4 sources. These sources should come from a database, Google Scholar, or an unbiased journal, magazine, newspaper, documentary, interview, etc.
6. Each body paragraph should include at least one documented piece of information (with proper internal citation). This information should support your Topic Sentence, which is the IDEA that this paragraph will be about (abortion is murdering babies, for example).
7. In your Introduction, you should provide relevant background information about your topic, which may or may not be documented (depending on if you got the info from an outside source or if you knew it already).
8. Introduction & Conclusion should not be too long. Most of your paper should be spent on Argumentation (body paragraphs).
9. You should have at least one Refutation paragraph, which seeks to show that a point on the other side of the argument is wrong by introducing a new argument in support of your Thesis.