1. The rules for topic selection must be followed. You can find the rules for t

1. The rules for topic selection must be followed. You can find the rules for
topic selection in the Topic Selection below (click here)
2. Minimum of 1,500 words. (I will be checking.) You will lose ten points for
every 100 words below the minimum limit. Your citations and bibliography
does not count toward the word total.
3. Your work needs to be cited in Chicago format with footnotes. There will be
no excuse for not having proper citations. There are plenty of materials on
my website and the internet on how to do this. No Citations = No Grade
4. Your paper must contain at least three primary and four secondary sources.
The secondary sources must come from academic journals.
5. You can not use pop-history websites like history.com, pbs.org or wikis
6. Using Direct Quotes – You are limited to two direct quotes. Five points will
be deducted for each direct quote in excess of two.
7. The paper needs to be submitted in Adobe (.pdf) or MSWORD.
8. If you submit the incorrect file or a file type that I can not read the paper
will be marked late if the submission date has passed.
Part 2: Primary Sources
Using the OSU repository on Temperance and Prohibition, locate FIVE PRIMARY SOURCES and
provide citations for them. Please list them from 1-5.
Part 3: Secondary Sources
Using Academic Journals (JSTOR), accessed through the HCC Library Website under the
Database link, please locate TWO academic papers about Prohibition and provide their citations. Please
list them from 1-2