A. Identify a bereavement support group, (agency, therapist, or funeral home)

A. Identify a bereavement support group, (agency, therapist, or funeral home) that provides bereavement support.
B. Contact the agency. Ask to speak to the director or person responsible for conducting the group. State who you are and why you are calling.
C. Request an interview for a mutually agreeable time. Ask if you may attend a virtual support meeting.
D. Thank the contact person or interviewee for the interview.
E. Document the virtual visit or interview and include the following information:
1. Name of support group. Include physical and web addresses.
2. Name, title, and contact information for person interviewed.
3. Date of interview (and/or virtual visit).
F. Write up the following information in narrative or numerical format.
1. What population does the group/agency serve?
2. How do attendees or users of the service learn about the group? (Social worker referral, other referral, website, word of mouth, counselor etc.)
3. Describe the structure of group. Is it time limited or open ended? Frequency and duration of meetings (Months, weeks, years)
a. Who may attend?
b. Who leads the group?
c. Who are the predominant attendees?
d. What other persons are allowed or encouraged to attend?
4. What are the membership requirements? Is there a fee for the service? If yes, ask how much and who is responsible for payment.
5. What are some of the issues or barriers the participants/attendees face?
(Access, family support, lack of finances)
6. How does the group address the following emotions/variables?
a. Sadness
b. Anger
c. Shock
d. Depression
e. Guilt
f. Differences of opinion
g. Outsiders
7. How does the group propose to deal with grief in the short term and in the long term? What program or referral services are available if the members need or seek additional support or resources?
8. If you were facilitating the group what would you do differently to ensure the group met the members’ needs? Specify how you would improve the effectiveness of the group.
9. How would you respond to someone who says, “Going to the group and listening to everyone’s sad story makes me depressed?”
G. State at least four take away points. What did you learn from this activity?
Your paper should include a cover page and at least 4 references from refereed journals, NOT a blog or any of the articles, or websites that I provided. Submit on Content page