Chapter 5 from the attached book. QUESTION 1 Explain the heightened scrutiny sta

Chapter 5 from the attached book.
Explain the heightened scrutiny standard (also known as intermediate scrutiny) and identify when it applies.
(a) What is the EEOC guideline on English-only workplace rules?
(b) What are two reasons given for the rules?
What must a plaintiff show to make a prima facie case of hostile work environment sexual harassment?
(a) According to sociologists, what is society’s image of a good mother?
(b) A good father?
(c) How do those images impact how parents who choose to balance their work life with family are viewed?
Harold works for a retail store and an associate manager, while serving as a single parent for his two children. Despite the demands of his family, Harold has always received stellar performance reviews at work. When he applied to become store manager, he did not get the job. His employer explained that it did not feel he could maintain his high level of performance in the manager position because his family obligations would be too demanding. The employer noted that single parents often do not perform well as store managers, particularly single fathers.
If you were Harold’s attorney, how would you argue that he was the subject of discrimination?
Karina is confined to a wheelchair due to a car accident in which she suffered severe spinal damage. She is applying for a position as a hostess at a restaurant. The hiring manager at the restaurant would like to hire Karina, but is concerned that her disability may make it difficult for her to do the job.
In making the hiring decision, what should the hiring manager know about the restaurant’s obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act?