*conduct and report on your own Field (or Unobtrusive) Research Project designed

*conduct and report on your own Field (or Unobtrusive)
Research Project designed to answer some question of interest on a topic
related to death, dying, or bereavement
During the current pandemic, please do so remotely if
necessary (via internet, phone, social media, Zoom, etc.), so as to maintain
social distance and minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission
Do nurses suffer mentally while they work in hospice
care? (or something related to this. The question can be changed.)
-Summarize findings and report the conclusions in a paper of
at least 4 to 6 pages plus whatever
photographic documentation (images) might be appropriate for
your project, and an electronic (scanned or photographic) image or
transcript of any rough field notes you took.
-Not required to include references from outside sources.
-include citations and a reference list for any quotes or
borrowed ideas.
-use whatever reference and citation style.
-State research question. What is it that you are trying to
learn in this research project?
-Describe the setting for your research (location, time of
day, number of people present, etc.).
-Describe what you did or observed and how you made and
recorded your observations.
-Present your results. What did you find? Tabulate any
counts of behaviors, words, themes, etc., that
you compiled. Describe any responses from onlookers or
participants that you observed. Write down
(transcribe) any pertinent comments you overheard. If you
conducted an interview, be sure to include
quotes on key points from your interviewee. You may include
appropriate photographic documentation.
-Interpret your results. What do they mean? What did you
learn from the experience?
-What role might reactivity (the tendency for people to
behave differently when they know they are being observed) have played in your
research? If you believe reactivity might have degraded your results,
-what alternative research strategy (or strategies) might
you consider to minimize the problem in future
*Focused statement of research question—what it is that you
are aiming to accomplish
through this research, and why you chose the research
method(s) you decided upon.
-Detailed description of the physical and social setting(s)
for your research—location(s);
time(s) of day; number(s) of people present; dress,
demeanor, and patterns of interaction
displayed by persons performing different roles and holding
different statuses; etc.
-Detailed description of the research operations you
used—what you did or observed, and
how you made and recorded your observations.
-Detailed presentation of your results—your research
findings, set forth in words and also
(if appropriate with your research design) in graphics
(tables, figures, and/or images).
-Detailed interpretation of your results—discussion of what
they mean, both in a larger
sociocultural context and to you personally. What important
did you gain from this
experience that might help you as you face the future?
-The role (if any) of reactivity in your research—with your
research design, does it make an
important difference if people know they are being observed
or studied?
– Typed, scanned, or photographic copy of your field notes
appended to paper.
-Citations and reference list included (if necessary) for
outside sources of any quotations or
borrowed ideas.