Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Mini Case Analysis – Students Must Individ

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Mini Case Analysis – Students Must Individually complete a mini case analysis assignment based on a New York Times or other periodical’s business article that does the following: (USE AS AN OUTLINE):
COMPANY IDENTIFICATION & SUMMARY OF ETHICAL OR CSR PROBLEM IT FACES– (1) Identifies at least 1 example of a firm that had an ethical dilemma or social responsibility problem since 2000 regarding an important strategic decision. (2) Describes the ethical dilemma. (3) Summarizes the company’s response.
MAIN STAKEHOLDER GROUPS – Identifies the main stakeholder groups in the company, what claims they place on the company, and how the company’s response to the dilemma will affect these stakeholder groups.
CEO PERFORMANCE DURING DILEMMA (as relevant) – (1) Evaluates the performance of the CEO from the perspective of (a) stockholders, (b) employees, (c) customers, and (d) suppliers. (2)Answers “What does this evaluation tell you about the ability of the CEO and the priorities that he or she is committed to?”
GOVERNANCE MECHANISMS – Establishes whether the governance mechanisms that operate in the company you chose do a good job of aligning the interests of top managers with those of stockholders as it regards this dilemma.
YOUR SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM – Answers “what would your response have been if you were the CEO? Would have prioritized stakeholder groups differently or implemented a different strategic response.”
PERSONAL COMMITMENT TO BUSINESS ETHICS & CSR – (1) Expresses students’ personal convictions about why business ethics and CSR are important to firms, their employees, and to society at large, and (2) ***Describes how students will strive to be ethical and socially responsible business leaders in their career endeavors who positively impact society, their firm, and/or industry or at least avoid harm to others.*** This is a crucial component of this assignment. Papers that are indicated as plagiarized and/or obtained from the Internet in the security software will receive automatic 0’s.
Requirements: 3 pages, double-spaced minimum, 12-point type. Students should cite instructor-provided materials, the course textbook, scholarly journal articles, and other reputable, typically-used academic resources [not Wikipedia] as resources in their paper. This assignment must include a list of at least 3 references/citations in APA format. The reference list does not count toward your 3 double-spaced pages.
Note: Links to articles from which students can choose are available under the CSR MINI-CASE ANALYSIS RESOURCES tab on Blackboard.
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