. Do not concentrate all your collection on one person such as making an entir

. Do not concentrate all your collection on one person such as making an entire paper on only Andy Warhol. You can mix different disciplines under one theme such as Social realist art and folk songs. You may include the variety of disciplines such as art, film, music, literature, philosophy and dance. You must examine the different elements in a creative work, and describe how it gives the piece meaning. How is it fringe? The pieces in your collection should be American and in the 20th and/ or 21st century.
Follow the format for the essay. Use MLA or Chicago style citations with the works cited page. You need to have this, so that your paper will be accepted. The essay must be at least five pages, but no more than ten pages long. The title page and works cited page are not included in the page length. One inch margins all around, from top to bottom and on the sides. I will not accept the paper without proper margins. The font must be Times New Roman 12 point font. Be sure that it is double spaced. Have an introduction, body, and conclusion to your paper. Be sure to put your name and information in the header.
You must have at least six sources aside from what I have assigned to you. You may have more than six sources. The sources must be a mix of primary and secondary sources. Please use good and reliable sources such as museums sites and journal articles. At least four of your sources must be hard copy books.