GOAL This assignment requires you to apply analytical skills to a performance of

This assignment requires you to apply analytical skills to a performance of a play in terms of design. This paper will hone your analytical and writing skills with a chance to apply the vocabulary and concepts you have learned over the course of the semester. This should NOT be a review of the play. In other words it is not a paper about whether or not you thought the play was good or bad. Instead, you will analyze how the designers conveyed the main message through their designs. Be careful not to use long plot descriptions, play production history, or numerous questions as filler for your paper. Assumer your reader is familiar with the story line.
Write a seven page on the play macbeth, double-spaced, MLA format, third person formal paper responding to the prompt below. Quotes or research are welcome but not required. If you use quotes, cite them appropriately and include the sources on the works cited page at the end. Everyone should cite the performance itself, which will include the designers you will specifically discuss in your paper (examples below). The works cited page is not counted as one of the seven pages but rather an additional, eighth page. Submit your response in either a Word document or pdf format.
Choose a performance from Digital Theatre Plus that is a recording of a live performance not a film. (Macbeth)
Your paper should discuss two areas of design scenery and costume. Use several (2-3 per area) detailed examples to make your case. Use the designer’s name. Use the elements of design (balance, color, texture, shape/line) to break down and describe what you see and hear. Describe the moment in detail, using vocabulary from class lectures and discuss why it is a good example of your point. If you choose a musical, do not write about sound design as music requires a more in depth analysis that we have not discussed in this class.
Title of Performance. By author name (or for musicals specify “Book by” or “Lyrics by” etc.). Dir. Director name. Costume Design. Costume Designer’s name. (Add on the design areas and designers you discuss in your paper only) Producer name. Name of theatre building. City. Date of performance (Example: 1 Oct. 2021). Performance
Heartbreak House. By George Bernard Shaw. Dir. Robin Lefevre. Set Design. John Lee Beatty. Lighting Design. Peter Kaczorowski. Roundabout Theatre Company. Amer. Airlines Theatre, New York. 1 Oct. 2006. Performance