My paper needs to be about Keyna Africa .I attatched a copy of my papers alread

My paper needs to be about Keyna Africa .I attatched a copy of my papers already written in a
document below .This new paper needs to be include in one finally paper together.
Social and cultural determinants of the selected health problems.
Gaps in knowledge, services, and capacity in your country to address the selected health conditions.
Ethical and human rights violations that contribute to the problems.
If/how other countries are part of the problems.
If/how other countries can contribute to the solutions.
If/how international agencies can help toward the solutions.
If/how private industry can help with solutions.
You will add a 2- to 3-page section to the overall paper addressing each of the aforementioned items for each of the two health conditions chosen by you and adhering to the formatting expectations for written assignments included in this syllabus. At least 4 references are required for this installment. This installment is NOT submitted separately. It is submitted within your overall final paper.
Final Country Report: The final paper will include an introduction and conclusion, as well as include all three installments. The final paper will not exceed 7 pages in length, not including the references page. The previously submitted paper installments cannot be simply pasted together. The final paper must demonstrate improvement, further reflection and deeper understanding of the issues discussed the three sections originally submitted, as well as revisions made based on coach and instructor feedback on the installments. The last day to submit it is the last day of