Paper should be 9 pages including reference and the title page. In this assignme

Paper should be 9 pages including reference and the title page. In this assignment you will research and report on virtual autopsy. The purpose of this research is to identify new technologies in forensic science that can improve the facts of a crime to support prosecution of the offense.
Textbook: Title: Forensic Science: Fundamentals & Investigations*
Author: Anthony J. Bertino; Patricia Bertino
ISBN-13: 9780357124987
Publisher: Cengage
Edition: 3rd
To complete this project you must:
Identify the technology.
Conduct research about the technology and how it benefits law enforcement. (Library, online, historical documents, media, etc.,)
Discuss the benefits and functions of the process.
Identify and discuss the role(s) of relevant institutional stakeholders and it’s benefits.
Identify how the organization has applied this technology.
Compare and contrast how this technology has improved or evolved to benefit law enforcement.
Make conclusions and recommendations concerning best practices in security administration.
The report will provide an integrated and equitable treatment of all issues and contain the following technical components:
A cover or title page
A body of text, 7-8 typed, double-spaced pages (1,750 to 2,000 words) in length
A reference page containing a minimum of 8 course-external resources
Written in APA Style