Papers MUST be approximately 15 pages in length. Contain multiple sources — at

Papers MUST be approximately 15 pages in length.
Contain multiple sources — at least 8 different sources (at least 3 sources must be sources we DID NOT use in class).
The paper can be done in multiple styles (more details below); however, citations must follow APA, MLA or Chicago Manual style.
You will be graded on your ability to synthesize information from various SCHOLARLY sources into an analytically and theoretically sound argument.
You will also be graded on your ability to develop and support your thesis, as well as your ability to describe and refute arguments by scholars who propose the antithesis of your argument.
The topic I would like to write about for our term paper is the Israel and Palestine conflict. I want to dive into the reasons for this old conflict that has gone on and on for so many years. I believe there is an incredible amount to discuss and would be best for me to meet the length requirement. I would like to trace the current issues back to where they started and break down the details. I think another interesting aspect could be focusing on the current issues and what the future holds for each nation. My thesis topic would be a simple question “ Why are Israel and Palestine fighting?” I feel that this essay would be a great chance for me to gain a greater understanding and use this as an opportunity to answer all the basic questions that people have about this confusing subject and dive deeper into the reasons they are where they’re at. Another question I want to ask in this essay is “ Why was there recent fighting in Gaza?” and break down the current state of affairs. This would give me a chance to explain what Hamas is and why they specifically have been fighting with Israel for the past 30 or so years. Another question would be “ How has this fighting affected the people on both sides? “ I believe this could be an incredibly powerful piece of the essay as we may learn that the people could want something different than those in power. Overall I want to break down the issues at hand and create a better understanding for myself and others, I remember in the introduction of this course we discussed which topics we found interesting and wanted toi discuss and I, along with many others shared interesting in this topic so I have no doubt I will be able to learn a lot from this experience.
Through using the Google Scholar service I found incredible books and articles already detailing many of the topics I want to discuss in my essay.
Sources :
Sandoval, Brandon A. “‘Military Industry and the Israel-Palestine Conflict: Military Aid, Tec’ by Brandon A. Sandoval.” CUNY Academic Works, Accessed 20 Mar. 2022. 20 Mar. 2022.
“The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Contested Histories – Neil Caplan – Google Books.” Google Books, 20 Mar. 2022.
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