Presentation – Material/information Presentation – Material/information Attached

Presentation – Material/information
Presentation – Material/information
Attached Files:
Excel Spreadsheets – Student Version(1).xls (247.5 KB)
Reys_Columbus Custom Carpentry_EmployeeHandbook.pdf Reys_Columbus Custom Carpentry_EmployeeHandbook.pdf – Alternative Formats (2.503 MB)
Reys_Columbus Custom Carpentry_Student.pdf Reys_Columbus Custom Carpentry_Student.pdf – Alternative Formats (2.498 MB)
Please read Chapter 12-Compensating a Flexible Workforce, Chapter 13-Compensating Expatriates, and the attached case materials for Columbus Carpentry before continuing with your assignment:
Employee Handbook
Transcripts of Interviews with Employees (aka “Reys_Columbus Custom Carpentry_Student.pdf”)
Excel Spreadsheet-Human Resource System HRIS databasE
All of this aforementioned material will be used in addition to all previous chapters read in prior weekly units to prepare this week’s assignment:
Columbus Custom Carpentry- A Case Overview
This case is presented as close as possible to encounters in working life. Columbus Custom Carpentry is a small, successful company. Recently, though, labor costs per unit have risen faster than gross revenue per unit. The company president has also found that human resource issues are taking up more and more of his time and frequently result in production problems. Both overtime and late shipments are increasing. Until now, the president’s administrative assistant has handled all HR-related administrative activities.
Your role is that of a newly hired HR manager and internal consultant who must conduct a compensation and benefits assessment to:
Conduct a strategic assessment and determine the current state of compensation and benefits processes and policies
Based on the current state, identify key compensation and benefits issues and special challenges
Provide a set of comprehensive recommendations for improvement of the Compensation and Benefits strategies and programs to the Company President
Subject matter knowledge you will apply in this case include, but not limited to:
Internal and external pay equity
Job grades and pay range/structure creation
Market pricing using salary data
Job analysis and job description development
Legal considerations
Questions as “Thought Starters”
(Note: These are questions intended to be thought provoking, the actual questions you will answer will be the three primary posed questions provided with the case)
How much turnover is too much?
What is causing the turnover at Columbus Custom Carpentry?
Did pay cause the interdepartmental issues or did interdepartmental issues cause the pay problems?
How is pay determined? What is fair?
What are the consequences of poor internal equity?
What are the consequences of poor external equity?
How can pay grades help prevent internal equity problems?
How can pay grades help prevent external equity problems?
Are the assembly technicians overpaid? If so, how or why did this come about?
Are the craters underpaid? If so, why? Will they still be underpaid if the custom hand work portion of their job is eliminated by the jig system?
What are legal implications and considerations?