Purpose: This assignment will take our understanding of sexual reproduction from

Purpose: This assignment will take our understanding of sexual reproduction from the molecular level (DNA transcription and translation) to the cellular level (meiosis) and to the level of observable inherited traits.
Post: Create a slideshow presentation with content that addresses the prompts below. The presentation must include relevant visual aids such as pictures, charts, graphs, etc. Record the presentation with your voice over explaining each slide. Instructions on how to create a voice-over presentation are available here. The presentation should be 5-7 minutes. You may have more slides than advised, but not less.
Slide 1: Your name, date and title of assignment
Slide 2: Define sexual reproduction and discuss the advantages and disadvantages from a biological perspective
Slide 3: Define and briefly describe meiosis and explain how it contributes to generating genetic variability
Slide 4-6: Describe Mendel’s work with pea plants and give an example of a trait that you can follow through Mendelian Genetics in these plants. If you cross a pea plant with purple flowers with a pea plant with purple flowers and end up with only purple-flowered plants, what do you know about the genotype of the parental plants? Imagine that you do the same experiment with a different set of purple-flowered plants, but this time, you end up with plants with white flowers in a ratio of 1:3. What do you know about the genotype of these parental plants? Can you trust a phenotype to determine the genotype of an organism?
Slide 7: Explain how DNA becomes an observable trait by describing the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology.
Slide 8: Provide an example of a physical trait that you can see is connected in a family that is biologically related (this can be your family or a family that you know.) Give a description of the physical trait and how you see it showing up in more than one generation.
Slide 9: List the sources you have used in APA format for the information contained in your presentation. Briefly read over the sources used in your presentation. For information on APA format, see this resource: APA format.
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