A 3000-word critical paper based on analysis of a chosen context in which entrep

A 3000-word critical
paper based on analysis of a chosen context in which entrepreneurship occurs,
drawn from the taught sessions of the module (80%).
The title for this is:
“Critically evaluate the distinctive features of entrepreneurship in
relation to a particular social, spatial or cultural context in which in occurs.”
analyse (maximum 3000 words) one
entrepreneurial context from the taught sessions as outlined in the SM4023
Teaching and Learning Plan (E.G., your chosen topic could be identified from a
lecture, seminar or article that you found of particular interest or inspired you). You should address the factors that
make this context different and the extent to which entrepreneurs behave
differently or require different skills/attributes to succeed in that context.
In your introduction outline briefly
why that context was selected (200 words).
The remaining 2,800 words should assess
the social, cultural, economic and/or environmental factors pertaining to that
context which shape the behaviour, performance and characteristics of
entrepreneurs operating there.
Answers should draw from mainstream
entrepreneurship theory as well as context-specific literature and real world
examples. In doing so, critical analysis
of theory within your selected context should seek to identify if, and to what
extent, different contexts change our understanding of entrepreneurship.
Marks will be awarded according to the criteria
in the table at the end of this document.