All semester we’ve been learning about how designed things are constructions, ma

All semester we’ve been learning about how designed things are constructions, made up of a bunch of parts. These parts work together to communicate something. Reference the information provided in Workbook no.2: Visual Thesaurus, and make a poster using the information provided by the client in Workbook no. 2 (The name of the event, the dates, the location (use Knoxville), etc), this was the assignment for week 3.
^extremely important that you follow these directions
1. To learn to use a collective of parts to construct a design
2. Reflect on the process that has been developing throughout the class
3. Apply knowledge of design to a practical project
You can use photoshop, adobe spark, or canva to make the poster. All are free.
Important: Submit your complete workbook as a DOC or PDF file. Submit your poster as an image file (pdf, png, jpg, jpeg) separately from the workbook PDF. There is no spot in this workbook for your FINAL poster design that the workbook asks you to make- that is because it should be submitted as a SEPARATE image or PDF file from whatever application you used to create the composition.
Posters are generally vertical compositions- make sure your poster is vertical. Make sure you included the required information about the event. Exact dimensions are up to you, but should be at least 8.5 X 11in (letter size), but something like 11X17in (tabloid size) may be better.
Note: to use custom fonts in an online image editor, you may need to only build a composition in Canva or Spark, and then export the comp out as an image, and add the typography in something like MS word, since you can use installed fonts in word. You can also use Photoshop or Illustrator if you already have them. Look up tutorials on how to make posters in your chosen software.