answer the question which asks about the causes of a nationalist conflict (Musli

answer the question which asks about the causes of a nationalist conflict (Muslim Uyghur Genocide).
You will have to go back and discuss what precipitated the conflict of Muslim Uyghur Genocide. Discuss the underlying causes of the conflict and the means by which it has been resolved (if it has been resolved).
The research paper must be typed in Times New Roman or Arial, 12-point font. It must respect the standard margins imposed by Word (1” or 1.25”).
It must be double-spaced. The research paper should be between a minimum of 1400 words and a maximum of 1600 words. Provide your word count (not including bibliography or footnotes or endnotes) at the end of your research paper.
You do not need to provide a cover page, but please make sure that your paper includes the following (1) your name; (2) your student number; (3) your paper title.
The introductory paragraph should contain a clear statement of your topic and a thesis statement that sets out the goal and framework of the paper. You are encouraged to include the topic question in the introductory paragraph to ensure you focus on the topic question appropriately
Body Argument Paragraphs:
Each paragraph should be an idea, position or claim you are going to discuss in that paragraph. Avoid long paragraphs – they should not be longer than ½ page. Provide evidence, examples, citations, etc., in each paragraph which should relate to or support your points in that paragraph. Paragraphs can also include counter-arguments – you can put them in a separate paragraph as well – but do provide a response/rebuttal to your counter-arguments. Each paragraph should try to tie back to the thesis so the reader knows what you were trying to do with that paragraph.
Focus on making quality arguments and counter-arguments (one of each is clearly not enough), but quality (how good is your argument or counter-argument?) is more important than quantity (how many do you have?)
Your concluding paragraph should re-state your thesis and tie your arguments together. Briefly show the reader what you argued and your main evidence to support your thesis. Do not introduce new information to defend your thesis; this should be included in the body of your paper. Also, answer the ‘so what’ question: why does your analysis matter? what policies might be pursued? what other research should be done? (you do not need to answer all three, just hint at one of them
Your research paper must use the APA style of citation that requires footnotes or endnotes (see Each paper must include a complete bibliography on a separate page that is not part of the word count, nor are your footnotes or endnote part of the word count.
Your paper must have a scholarly bibliography containing at least five (5) reputable scholarly works. The breakdown of the five works should involve a minimum of:
Two (2) academic journal articles AND
Two (2) books or a chapter in two different books AND
One (1) reputable newspaper or think tank report