Be centered around either: a. An analysis of the early entries into the Afric

Be centered around either:
a. An analysis of the early entries into the African American Literary Cannon.
b. An argument about how the early African-American writers have or continue to impact the work of contemporary artists.
c. An argument about the importance or lack thereof of one of the early African-American writers.
First…brainstorm on one of these contextual questions
1. What images or perceptions to most young people have of Africa?
2. Does slavery still exist?
3. Why were peaceful means against slavery ineffective?
4. Was the impact of slavery on women of color different from the impact on men?
5. Why are discussions about slavery important for modern students?
Next transition and synthesize your perception and thoughts into addressing one of these pre-selected topics:
1. Describe the economic factors used to justify the practice of slavery in America. How was slavery considered economically efficient and necessary, and what did economics have to do with the perpetuation of the practice?
2. How did anyone ever justify slavery from an ethical point of view? What did people have to do cognitively and emotionally to see slavery as appropriate?
3. The role of the Slave Narrative in the Emancipation of the African-American people
4. The impact of slavery on the Development of Black English and the shifting focus of what constitutes as literature.
5. The theme of Uplift and Transformation in the Works of the Black Scholars of the Reconstruction
6. How does our reading “How Slavery Really Ended in America” help readers understand the difference between what occurs in the past and the history of what occurs, whether that history comes from a movie, a description by someone who was there, a popular memory, or a textbook? Why is this difference especially important to the class in reading literature by and about African-Americans?