By the end of Module #1, students will explore proposed legislation (i.e., bills

By the end of Module #1, students will explore proposed legislation (i.e., bills and resolutions) to come before either the 2022 session of the Georgia state legislature (also known as the General Assembly) or the 118th US Congress and identify a piece of legislation that interests them. The selected legislation may be one of personal or professional interest and need not be strictly focused on health care (though it’s ideal if it has some health implications).
The student will then follow the progress of this legislation moving through committees and debates and journal about the policy’s journey in Modules 1-6. Things to consider including in the journal are: the background behind the proposed policy, which legislators/lawmakers are sponsoring the policy, which committees are hearing testimony on the policy, does it make it to the House floor for a vote (if so, when and the vote details), the Senate for a vote (again, when and vote details), does it get signed into law (if so, when) or if not, what happened? You may also want to report on what organizations support or oppose the legislation and whether it has been covered in the news. The journal should include, at a minimum, one (1) entry on the status of the legislation for each course module.
To identify and track state legislation, start with the search toolbar in the upper-right corner of this site: To look up federal legislation, start here:
The journal should be submitted as a Word document, with your name and the bill/resolution number, Times New Roman font size 12, 1-inch page margins, double-spacing, and journal entry dates. Students should proofread for correct spelling and grammar before submission. Please include references if you’re citing external sources (e.g., news stories or supporting/opposing organizations’ websites). Due on the last day of class.