Critical Task for Prekindergarten Disabilities Endorsement: Families Description

Critical Task for Prekindergarten Disabilities Endorsement: Families
Description: Through an asset based approach to family engagement, students will develop a family engagement plan addressing how to involve the families of your students in their children’s learning. The plan will include the following six sections and will be based upon Epstein’s National Network of Partnership Schools “Keys to Successful Partnerships”.
Directions: Each group will be assigned a case study. Make sure the ideas for each section of your plan fit the case study your group was assigned. In particular, your plan should address the socioeconomic and cultural makeup of the community and school district in your case study.
Include the following sections in your Project:
1. Home-Based Family Engagement Activities
Describe your home learning program for students throughout the school year. This program should include interactive “family homework” that is developmentally appropriate for your students. In your plan, tell how you’ll organize a take-home kits or “mobile learning” program for the year and give examples of specific kits you might send home throughout the year.