Expectations Write a well-constructed analytical research paper thoroughly cover

Write a well-constructed analytical research paper thoroughly covering your chosen topic. You are expected to write thought-provoking ideas and questions, exploring them with sound logic, and develop with evidence, data, and detail. Whenever possible, connect your topic to the topics covered in the class. Your “personal take” on an issue or event should not be included in the paper. The nature of this writing will be dictated by the topic you’ve chosen. Please keep the paper in the third-person (don’t use words like “I”, “we”, or “you”).
Consider discussing the scope of the paper with your instructor before you start writing.
Topic: Chosen by YOU and confirmed by your instructor. See the topic choice assignment in Part 1 if you don’t recall the topic you chose. If you haven’t yet chosen a topic, please contact your instructor immediately.
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is generally to educate your audience with an in-depth summary, analysis and discussion of a single event based on findings from quality references.
Audience: This paper should be formal and targeted at the college student in this Earth Science class. You may assume basic understandings of content from this course.
Length: 2-3 Pages, double-spaced, 12-point font. References are expected to be on a separate page.
Sources: Use academic and scholarly sources whenever possible. Consider using the school databases and the other search engines linked in the “First Source” assignment. Scientific websites (such as higher ed. institutions and government organizations are also encouraged.
You are expected to read many sources, but cite only those that are actually used (cited) in your paper. Most papers of this length have between 4-8 references.
Citation style: Any commonly used citation style is fine for this assignment, but I suggest you consider using the citation style that is used by your major or branch of study. Please be consistent throughout.
Additional considerations:
Research. Become an expert on the topic. Take notes as you read. Keep track of where you get your information.
This paper is expected to be 100% original, using existing data and information. All papers will be checked for originality.
Make sure that you FULLY understand everything you’re writing about.
2-3 Pages is the expectation for length. 2 pages is the minimum length. This is about 600-800 words (not including references)
Direct quotes are RARE in scientific papers. Unless it’s a first-hand account you probably won’t have any.
Read your paper aloud. It will help you identify any grammatical errors.
Revisit your paper several times and read it entirely.
Submit it on-time. There is a 5% per day late penalty, which will severely impact your grade.
Research Paper 2020 (1)
Research Paper 2020 (1)
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent
Your paper is only as strong as the information you choose to include (or not include). This criterion scores your paper based on the content included in your paper.
20 pts
Thorough Research and Analysis
Balanced presentation of relevant information that supports a central purpose or argument and shows a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of the topic. Reader gains important insights.
17 pts
Information provides reasonable support for a central topic and displays evidence of a basic analysis of a significant topic. Reader gains some insights.
13 pts
Needed Further Development
Information supports a central purpose or argument at times, but analysis is basic or general. Reader gains few insights.
10 pts
Lack of Research or Analysis
Central purpose is not clearly identified. Analysis is vague or not evident. Reader is confused or may be misinformed
20 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization
The outline or concept map helped you develop an organization for your paper. Topics are expected to be well-organized, and the paper should flow with your own voice and depth.
10 pts
Well Organized
Logically arranged, with topics that are clearly linked to each other. Thought was put into the organization and the reader can easily follow the narrative.
8 pts
Minor Issues
Topics somewhat linked to each other. For the most part, the reader can follow the line of reasoning
6 pts
Needs Improvement
Occasionally ideas don’t make sense together. The reader is fairly clear about what writer intends, but could be improved
4 pts
No Logical Order
The writing doesn’t appear to have any logical order or organization.
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWriting Mechanics
Writing Mechanics includes wording, general formatting, in-text citations, and handling data and estimates.
10 pts
Meets all Expectations
The writing is free or almost free of errors. In-text citations are used throughout. Currency is adjusted when appropriate. Direct quotes are used sparingly if at all.
8 pts
Needs Improvement
Well-edited, but there are occasional errors such as issues with citations, or inappropriate use of direct quotes.
6 pts
Many Errors
The writing has many errors, the citations are incomplete, or direct quotes are used throughout.
4 pts
Errors Throughout
There are so many errors that the reader struggles to follow, or the topic is obscured. A basic proof-read could have improved your paper greatly.
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReferences
This criterion will evaluate the quality and quantity of your references.
10 pts
Well-Chosen Sources
References are from a sufficient number of trustworthy sources.
8 pts
More/Better References Needed
Some references may be questionable, or more references were needed.
6 pts
Needs Improvement
References are from sources that have uncertain reliability, or minimal research was done.
2 pts
None of the sources are professionally reliable, or very little information was used to complete this assignment.
10 pts
Total Points: 50