First Assignmnet Using the KnightLab Timeline tool (https://timeline.knightlab.c

First Assignmnet
Using the KnightLab Timeline tool ( (Links to an external site.)), create a timeline with at least 15 data points.
The timeline can be any event. You may use library images for the timeline, but must credit them. I recommend the Library of Congress ( (Links to an external site.)) and the Memphis library ( (Links to an external site.)).
Submit the link to your timeline.
Second Assignment
Develop an 8.5 x 11 inch infographic representing the research in one of the studies linked here: (Links to an external site.)
You should:
– extract and calculate the key information and findings from the data provided
– write all headlines/headers and any explainer text
– use a variety of charts and data presentation methods best suited by the data
Submit it as a PDF and as an InDesign or Illustrator document. Lastname_Firstname_DP2.pdf, Lastname_Firstname_DP2.indd/ai
Some examples are in the uploaded files
Third Assigmnent
1. Design an 11X17 infographic visualizing data from the Pew Research Center ( This data can be about any topic, but the graphic must tell a compelling visual story. It must be different than the graphic you created in JRSM 3900.
2. Using Flourish and your choice of chart/table/map. create one “companion” graphic using the same data you used for your PDF. Tweak the settings to match the colors to the palette you used for the PDF.
Fourth Assignment
Using Tableau Public and its sample data, create an interactive Tableau visualization of your choice. It should have at least 2-3 separate charts/graphs. You will need to sign up for a free Tableau Public account and download the app onto your desktop in order to complete this assignment using Tableau. Alternatively, you can also use Flourish, but you will need to create a Flourish “Story” to present your 2-3 data visualizations. The charts/graphs should not be the same type of chart — i.e. don’t use two bar charts. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Sample data here: (Links to an external site.)
Submit the link to your project.
How to create a Flourish Story: (Links to an external site.)
Tableau Public video how-to: (Links to an external site.)