For this assignment, you’ll be writing a 7 page research paper that discusses gr

For this assignment, you’ll be writing a 7 page research paper that discusses graphic design in
cultural, social, and historical context. First you’ll choose a primary source, such as a poster,
commercial object with graphic design elements, public service campaign, magazine layout, or
other example of graphic design to study. This cultural artifact must have been produced
following the Industrial Revolution, or after 1840, and before the year 2010. You’ll describe
your primary source to the reader, then, using secondary sources, put it into context. The
central question your paper will focus on is: what does this graphic design tell us about the
moment in time when it was made and seen? You’ll consider questions like: What social and
cultural factors were at play to create this graphic design? What messages does the design
convey? Who was the intended audience for the graphic design? What indicators do we see
that would tell us when the design was made and who might made it? Are there any major
design movements you can identify?
Assume that you are writing this paper as an analysis for an art history journal, where the
readers may have an understanding of art historical terms and movements generally, but not
necessarily a deep knowledge of graphic design. Be sure to define and explain key terminology
in your paper. All references must be properly quoted in APA style throughout the paper
The topic/movie I chose was “shottas” a jamaican film and the sources are attached below…can mention drug violence in Jamaica in the early 2000s etc
Source #1
Source #2

POLITICS: Jamaicans Angry at Tabloid Spin on Drug Smuggling

source #3
source #4
source #5
welcome to change the last 2 sources