In regards to an organisation you work for, or one with which you are familiar,

In regards to an organisation you work for, or one with which you are familiar, select three different specific hazards which pose a threat to workers at an operational level (e.g. exposure to wood dust, lifting boxes onto storage shelving, contact with table saw cutting blade, etc.)
For each of the identified hazards complete and provide a suitable and sufficient safety, health or wellbeing risk assessment form. The risk assessment MUST be completed in full and MUST meet all relevant UK legislative and / or sector guidance requirements. Sources used for each risk assessment must be cited in a list at the end of each risk assessment.
You are then required to write a professional report (suitable for presentation to a Board of Directors) critiquing the methodological approaches used to complete the risk assessments.
Your report should include:
· A brief overview of the organisation and rationale for the selection of the three hazards; (10%)
· Critical evaluation of the factors that influenced the selection, design, development and implementation of the risk assessments (40%)
· Critical evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen approach used in each risk assessment (40%)
· Recommendations of how the risk assessments can be improved (10%)
The three risk assessments and any supporting documents should be added as an appendix to your report. This will not be marked. Your mark will come completely from your main report, but you should be thorough with your risk assessments as they provide the context for your report.
The focus of this assessment is on critical evaluation. Note the indicative percentages given for each of the sections of the report above. You should allocate your word count according to the weight given to each section of the report.