In this assignment, you will be presented with two exercises based on two sample

In this assignment, you will be presented with two exercises based on two sample hypotheses tests covered in Chapter 15. You will be graded on:
The accuracy and completeness of your answers
How well you support your ideas
Instructions (Failure to follow these instructions will result in low grades):
Please use your word processor’s spelling and grammar checker before submitting your assignment.
Your calculations are expected to be accurate. Triple-check your calculations.
Your completed assignment must be submitted through the appropriate Blackboard assignment link. I will not grade any assignment not posted using the correct link. Never post your assignments on the Discussion Boards. Doing so will result in a grade of zero. Do not post your assignment on an Assignment link for a different assignment.
Submit your completed assignment as a Microsoft Word document (docx format). No other file formats will not be accepted. All word processors can save files in a docx format. Failure to follow this instruction will result in a grade of zero.
Use the attached template to compose your answers. Do not change the margins or fonts.
Name your file as: Assignment5_LastNameFirstInitial; for example, Assignment0 _VolchokE. You need not add the docx extension. Your computer does this automatically. Any assignment where the file name does not follow this convention will not be graded.
Late assignments will not be graded.
Place your name on the space indicated.
Should you have questions about this assignment, ask them during my office hours or send me an email with specific questions. You can also use the Ask Dr. V. Discussion Board.
Use Microsoft Excel to solve these problems. The data are included in Assignment5_Data.xlsx.
Show your work. Pasting Microsoft Excel tables into Microsoft Word: Do not merely copy your Excel tables and paste them into your Word file. Doing so can cause the table to flow out of the margins. Here is the correct way to paste Excel tables into Word: 1) Copy the Excel cells, 2) In Word, use Word’s Paste Special function to paste the cells into Word as a PDF file. (This will not turn your Word file into a pdf.) The one drawback of this method is that you cannot change the Excel table once it is in Word.
Answer these exercises in the order they are presented, and do not skip any questions.
Model your answers on the examples shown in Clear-Sighted Statistics.
Note on Academic Integrity: The college’s policies on academic integrity will be strictly enforced. Students who cheat will be reported to the Dean of Students for violating the college’s rules on academic integrity, they will receive a zero for the assignments, and they may be given an F for the course. Please Note: This is not a team project. Your work must the result of your own effort.
Please do not use the personal pronoun “I” in your report.