In this expository paper, you will outline the arguments on both sides of ONE of

In this expository paper, you will outline the arguments on both sides of ONE of the ethical dilemmas below. These are emotionally-charged issues to which people have strong emotional responses. Do not make the mistake of taking an emotional position, however. Your task is to rationally outline the predominant arguments for both sides of the dilemma as presented in the prompt. If there is a clear third way, you may also outline that, but there won’t be extra credit for that effort. So, make sure you concentrate on getting both of the primary sides of the dilemma nailed down tightly.
Do not take a position in this paper. This is an exposition of two opposing sides of a given ethical dilemma.
If you discover that a given position is indefensible without resorting to using fallacious reasoning, you must outline the argument as it stands and identify the fallacy or fallacies that are integral to the fallacious argument.
You MUST have a clear thesis statement and a conclusion that ties back to that thesis statement. Your thesis statement should say that you are outlining this particular ethical dilemma and that you are describing such and such arguments from both sides of the dilemma.
You MUST identify the type of arguments you are outlining: e.g., deductive/inductive, Constructive Dilemma, Hypothetical Syllogism, Authority, Causal Inference, etc.
Option 1: Abortion. Clearly outline a strong/cogent or valid/sound argument for the right for women to choose to get an abortion, and then clearly outline an equally strong/cogent or valid/sound argument for making abortion illegal in protection of the rights of the fetus