Journal 18–Revised draft Submit a copy of your Essay 3 revised draft. Show chan

Journal 18–Revised draft
Submit a copy of your Essay 3 revised draft. Show changes by marking/crossing out words, phrases, and sentences and replacing them with new words, phrases, and sentences. Aim for 15-20 changes, and at least 5 of these changes should be substantial (content changes). You may use a color code for old words versus new words (for example, blue for old words and red for new words). Make sure I can view the changes on the document.
*Reminders of basic essay requirements:
1. Essay should be 3-5 pages, double-spaced, not counting Works Cited page, which would be the fourth page at the minimum.
2. Essay comprises 6-8 paragraphs total, each body paragraph comparing the two topics/viewpoints.
3. The body of the essay cites 3-5 WTC library sources. Use quotation marks for all quotes and in-text citations that include the author’s last name and page number.
4. All citations on the Works Cited page should match the last names in the in-text citations within the essay. If the last name Smith appears on the Works Cited page, the name Smith should be visible in an in-text citation after a quote. Example: (Smith 4).
5. See pp. 29-30 in the ENG 101 workbook and also see the Purdue Owl website on MLA style (just Google it to look it up).
6. Remember that the goal of the essay is to show both sides of an issue and to help the reader make an informed decision or formulate an informed opinion on the controversy. Do not state your opinion until the conclusion of the essay.