My Chosnen Company is Tesla and i ahve upload smaple of the assignments and the

My Chosnen Company is Tesla and i ahve upload smaple of the assignments and the marking rubric.I can upload lecture slides too if needed.
You will be asked to choose an entrepreneurial or an innovative organization which has been operating for a minimum of five years. This can be one you are interested in or a real-life company that you have access to – please speak to the module convenor prior to choosing your company for confirmation, if you are not sure that it meets the requirements.
The coursework will audit and assess the innovative performance of your chosen organization – the main tool for the analysis will be the Diagnostic Framework of Entrepreneurial Practices (Mosey et al, 2017, p120), which will be covered in Session One.
Explain whether existing capabilities of the organization can deliver appropriate types of innovation
Explain how the organization is structured and how it has supported or inhibited innovation
Explain how people are recruited and rewarded and how this supports or constrains innovation
Explain what organizational processes have been used to scan for ideas, select the most appropriate ones and provide resources to implement them
Explain how innovation challenges are identified
Explain how innovation is practised with external stakeholders
Explain how the organization manages uncertainty and failure
Explain how the organization reconciles exploratory and exploitative learning related to innovation performance
There should be three sections to the report
1) The analysis of the eight-core areas (in bold above) of the diagnostic framework (2000 words).
2) The report should make appropriate recommendations for the future innovation strategy of your chosen organization (1000 words).
3) The innovation strategy of your chosen organization in an international context (additional 1,000 words in a clearly separated section of the report)
The report should cover these points with equal weighting.
Reports which gain higher marks will:
provide evidence of reading around the topic and show a good understanding of the key concepts
include relevant theory and evidence and reference sources accurately.
critically discuss different viewpoints with arguments carefully developed and clearly expounded
show originality of thought
have good structure and clear presentation (including introductory and concluding sections)
make insightful and informed recommendations for the future