Physics 1.Energy powers the body. If we break up the body, we see that there ar

1.Energy powers the body. If we break up the body, we see that there are numerous systems/organs that require energy to work. Although the body incorporates each of these organ systems simultaneously to carry out functions, and live, which of organ systems do you find most interesting and why? Also, in your opinion, which do you think is most important?
2. The Situation:
It is mid-January and you have just crash-landed in the woods of Alaska. The plane in which you were traveling has been destroyed except for the frame. The pilot and co-pilot have been killed, but no one else is seriously injured. The crash came suddenly before the pilot had time to radio for help or inform anyone of your position. Since your pilot was trying to avoid a storm, you know the plane was considerably off course. The pilot announced shortly before the crash that you were eighty miles northwest of a small town that is the nearest known habitation. You are in a wilderness area made up of thick woods broken by many lakes and rivers. The last weather report indicated that the temperature would reach minus twenty-five degrees in the daytime and minus forty at night. You are dressed in winter clothing appropriate for city wear—suits, pantsuits, street shoes, and overcoats. While escaping from the plane, your group salvaged the fifteen items listed below. Your task is to rank these items according to their importance to your survival. You may assume that the amount of each item is the same as the number in your group and that the group has agreed to stick together. Of the following items, which three would you grab and why?
• Compress kit (with 28 ft. of 2-inch gauze)
• Ball of steel wool
• Cigarette lighter without the fluid
• Loaded .45-caliber pistol
• Newspaper (one per person)
• Compass
• Two ski poles
• Knife
• Sectional air map made of plastic
• 30 feet of rope
• Family-sized chocolate bar (one per person)
• Flashlight with batteries
• Quart of 85-proof whiskey
• Extra shirt and pants for each
• Can of shortening survivor