Pick a topic we have covered in the course and find two peer-reviewed articles t

Pick a topic we have covered in the course and find two peer-reviewed articles that discuss this topic that are at least 10 years apart from each other. The goal of the assignment is to compare and critique the articles following the setup below.
General guidelines:
Paragraph one- Introduction- explain the topic (general information- use textbook & articles)
Paragraph two & three- Provide a summary of article 1.
Questions to possibly answer:
How is the topic defined?
What variables did they choose to examine?
Did they have a sample?
What was their conclusion to their study?
Anything of interest
Paragraph four & five- Provide a summary over article 2. (You can use the available prompt
questions from above- not mandatory)
Paragraph six and seven- compare the articles.
Questions to possibly answer:
Do the articles differ in how they are measuring the topic (i.e., different sample, different location, different years (longitudinal vs. cross sectional), different overall findings.
Paragraph eight- explain the time difference between the articles, was the second article better at examining the topic, explain why. (The first article may be better; the goal is to pick an article and defend your reasoning as to why one article is better than the other)
Paragraph nine- Take your topic and compare the articles to the textbook. Are there any similarities or not?
All papers must include three academic sources (i.e., two scholarly peer-reviewed articles and your textbook).
Lastly, a reference page written in APA style must be included.
This is an academic paper. Do NOT use 1st or 2nd person pronouns.
Refrain from using contractions- can’t, don’t, etc. Instead use cannot, do not.
Cite all sources using APA 7 style.
Think of the assignment as a report you would provide to your superior. Do not use opinions. This assignment is not supposed to be subjective, instead the purpose is to determine if you can critically think and apply the material learned in the course.